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This page is devoted to wine tools that are nice to have, not a necessity for me – but maybe for you (with the exception of the wine aerator, which is a necessity but included here as a substitute for decanting). See my “necessities here.

1. Wine glass polishing cloth. I haven’t added this to my wine gadgets as yet, but think I will. Riedel Crystal makes one, and Wubeez has them as well. I know that everything Riedel does is first rate. I’m not familiar with Wubeez, but they all seem to be a microfiber cloth, so maybe any microfiber cloth will work. These reviews on the Riedel cloth will give you an idea of what this little will luxury can do for your wine glasses (and making life easier for you.)

2. Wine Decanter: I have several really beautiful decanters, but seldom use them. When the opportunity arises to open an older bottle of wine, a Grand Cru or a wine known to be of exceptional quality that has been resting for a long time and has thrown a nice bit of sediment, I get out the decanter – otherwise, I like to show the bottle label. Be aware that lead crystal decanters will leach some lead into the wine, so don’t store the wine in a decanter. Serve it as appropriate and if wine remains, move it into a vessel that you can close to filling. The original bottle likely has sediment residue and if you rinse the bottle, it’s impossible to dry it properly, so to drink the next day, it’s always a problem. The best solution is to keep some empty, well-cleaned and dried wine bottles around for just such an occasion. Close the wine with a Vacu Vin.

Decanters come in exotic shapes and sizes and are usually pricey:

Riedel Decanter

Riedel Ultra Decanter – $180.00 – $235.00 at Amazon


Vivid Wine Decanter - Lead Free - $30.00

Vivid Wine Decanter – Lead Free – $30.00 – $40.00 at Wine Enthusiast

Really, take this advice seriously: do not store any type of wine in a lead crystal decanter. Serving it for evening – fine, but nothing more than one evening.

3) Wine Aerator: I don’t like to decant unless I have to, so I use a wine aerator for red wine, which hubby and I can use as we  pour each glass. I have two. I began with the Soiree (see the second video below) and then purchased the Vinturi. Each has it’s own advantage. The Vinturi has a small wire basket that will catch any sediment or crumbling cork, but the Soiree moves the wine around better – more action as you pour the wine into the glass, and more as the residual moves back into the bottle. More action should equal better aeration. I haven’t taste-tasted the same wine using both aerators, so can’t offer a real opinion, other than I always use one of them when a bottle of red is open in my kitchen.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator (video)

Soiree Wine Aerator

Soiree Wine Aerator

Soiree Wine Aerator (video)

4) Decanter and Glassware Cleaning Brushes: If your wine decanter and/or glassware is leaded crystal, it is particularly important that the last vestige of wine be cleaned from the glass. These brushes make it possible to get into difficult places:

Decanter and Glassware Cleaning Brushes

Decanter and Glassware Cleaning Brushes

5) Decanter Drying Racks:

Decanter Drying Stand

Decanter Drying Stand

Decanter Drying Stand

Decanter Drying Stand


Still under Construction – check back.

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    The design is nice, fairly elegant and pretty, I could act high brow and say that it would simply be a worthless decanter, but the author has acknowledged that fact… The design is very unique although I would be leery about breaking it day in and day out just because it looks so bloody delicate

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