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I grow basil and rosemary separately in big, big pots on my patio. In my climate (Zone 6b) I lose most of the basil over the winter months, but also find that some of the natural reseeding survives and gives me some new sprouts in years with mild winters. My rosemary comes back, with the exception of a unusually cold winter. Both make beautiful centerpieces, along with any herb you think is lovely and fragrant (don’t forget mint). Combine them with flowers from your garden or grocer…or not.

Perfect Basil

Perfect Basil

Perfect Rosemary

Perfect Rosemary

Basil makes a beautiful centerpiece for a small or large table. The color of basil is the perfect green. It compliments everything. I use basil as the main herb with some rosemary tucked in, and other herbs. Here are some examples of how basil and rosemary can be used to make your home fragrant and welcoming.



In the photo below, an assortment of pots are sprayed silver and filled with a variety of herbs. Always make certain that your guests can see over the herbs to see the persons across from them. The general rule is, when you place the tip of your elbow on the table with your fingers pointed to the ceiling, the centerpiece should be no taller than your fingertips, but then some people have longer arms than others so…:-)


The centerpiece below is charming and inexpensive. It uses basil, and if you have to buy some, not so expensive because you don’t need much. I see cilantro, Italian parsley (flat leaf), dill, sage and tarragon. Thanks to Hip Hostess for the photo.

Basil, Sage, Italian Parsley (Flat-Leaf), Dill, Tarragon

Basil, Sage, Italian Parsley (Flat-Leaf), Dill, Tarragon

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