Maggie’s Wine Has a New Home

When I started this blog I discounted the fact that in Oklahoma, by law, I’m not allowed to receive samples. It was expensive for hubby and I to buy wine and find that I really didn’t like it enough to talk about it. So effective September 23, 2015 my wine posts will be at, where I will talk about wine, spirits, food, books, book reviews, authors, writing and, maybe, home, garden and lifestyles. For those of you who read, commented and followed-along for the short time I was posting here, thank you!





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1 comment for “Maggie’s Wine Has a New Home

  1. Bai
    March 2, 2016 at 3:55 am

    Oh I love blue curacao. I used to banetrd years ago so I always had fun making different concoctions. I mix blue curacao, rum, sour mix and ice in a blender. It’s an awesome frozen drink (think blue margarita). :)

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