Drink Your Whiskey Neat with a Slight Chill?

Say you’re doing a ‘happy hour’ in the big city at a trendy bar, and you have your client sitting at the bar next to you. Drinking good whiskey neat impresses the bartender and might impress your client as well. But then say you are sitting at home and rather than being tempted to add ice, as is your habit, you want to try a slight chill. Hammerstone Whiskey Disks can make your night.

Hammerstone Whiskey Disks - Disks measure 1.75"wide X .75"high

Hammerstone Whiskey Disks – Disks measure 1.75″wide X .75″high

While ice may dilute your quality, expensive whiskey, “rocks” or “scotch” rocks are generally made of stone, chilled, put in the glass and used to give a slight chill, or more than slight if you pile on “the rocks” which looks a bit silly for such a manly drink, in my opinion.

A Hammerstone Whiskey Disk solves the problem, looks amazing in the glass…no dilution, no off-taste of ice cubes from tap water. Just freeze these handsome soapstone disks, and add one to your glass.

But what if you want something more personal – maybe a monogrammed set? Are you a biker? A poker fanatic? Love butterflies? Do you have your own story of sighting a Kracken? Whiskey Disks has remembered you. Visit the homepage here.

Erin at Erins Food Files has a product review of Hammerstone Whiskey Disks. I borrowed the photo below from her. Read her review here.

Whiskey Disks - photo courtesy of Erins Food Files, click the pic to visit

Whiskey Disks – photo courtesy of Erins Food Files, click the pic to visit

For information on “whiskey,” find a good overview here.

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