Texas Gin 100% Born and Bred: Moody June Gin

I’m a longtime Bombay Sapphire Gin lover and I get a little testy when a new gin comes along and I feel I must buy a bottle, just because…. I can be fairly sure it won’t stand up to Bombay Sapphire. Trying another gin in a bar before I buy doesn’t work. It’s never mixed correctly or the tonic isn’t fresh, or the lime is not limey – even in the best places. I’m not a fan of spirits and fruit juices so some of the trendy cocktails/mixes are not tempting. So I want to ask if I can just step behind the bar and mix my own, but haven’t had the courage to try that yet. I’d even bring my own tonic. My own lime. If I hung-out in a particular bar and made friends with the staff, that might work, but no, that’s not my style so I don’t try many new gins. But I did try Moody June Gin, Texas born and bred. Look at the image of “June” on the label. Wouldn’t you love to know the back story. Maybe I’ll ask owner Jeff Peace.


Gin is coming into it’s own today. Much as good wine exhibits a winemaker’s vision combined with good fruit, so does good gin. Not all visions are the same and not all palates appreciate the same essences. Gone are the days of cheap gin, hot and smelling like rubbing alcohol or turpentine. But well-made gin is another story, and the care taken in the distilling and the botanicals used is the ‘other’ story.

So when I learned that Bone Spirits owner Jeff Peace had somewhat of a Tulsa connection and his Smithville, Texas (outside of Austin) products were coming to Tulsa I was intrigued to learn that he had a Texas Gin with the great name of “Moody June.”



Bone Spirits owner Jeff Peace said they wanted Moody June to have serious personality represented in traditional and local ingredients rather than experiment with exotic concoctions.

“We sourced as much of the botanicals locally as possible. A few are not indigenous to Texas, so we chose organic suppliers to guarantee the quality,” Peace said.

“The combination of our blend is deeply aromatic, even fragrant, with crisp notes of juniper and citrus.” Source: DBR

Moody June is 100% Texas corn-based, farm to bottle, and the base spirit is made from scratch, not redistilled.

“We manufacture our product from scratch. Most companies redistill their products and outsource different stages of production, but we bring in milled corn from farmers we are contracted with, cook it, ferment it and bottle it all under the same roof.” ~ Jeff Peace

Not often are you told exactly what the grain or grains are in a bottle of gin and maybe never in gins of the past, no matter how expensive and dry, have we been told the grain is organic…and local.

Bone Spirits says their Moody June Gin is made in the dry London style, although many of the new boutique gins are moving in a new direction – cucumber, roses, pecans, lavender, flowers – you name it, if it’s pretty someone is planning to add it to their distilled spirits and call it gin.

Moody June remains traditionally juniper-forward, which makes me happy, and connects me to what really fine gin should be, but Moody June is less ‘junipery’ than Sapphire.

For the first time recently, I tried a Sumo Tangerine (so juicy, no seeds – fabulous). I doubt Sumo Tangerines or any tangerine is present in Moody June Gin, but good citrus is critical, and the citrus peels in Moody June are a-peeling, and include lemon and lime. Every botanical in the bottle is locally sourced and pronounced to a nice balance – licorice root, cassia, coriander and angelica root among them. It has intensely fragrant aromatics, lush with ripe citrus on the palate but soft and not acidic. Mixed with good quality tonic, there is a seductive mouthfeel, round but with a crisp finish and it will taste it’s absolute best on my patio, so as the weather warms, if you stop on by, I’ll mix a perfect gin and tonic with a lime twist and you’ll have that gin-perfumed memory forever.

American-made, Texas-proud, Moody June will remain on my bar and I’m making a note to ask about June and her moods.

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2 comments for “Texas Gin 100% Born and Bred: Moody June Gin

  1. April 29, 2014 at 6:15 am

    Very descriptive post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a
    part 2?
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  2. Jann Droemer
    December 13, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    Do you sell your gin at distillery? I would love to give a bottle…gift set?…to our kids in Houston who love botanist and Hendricks. I want to introduce them to this. Live in Giddings, daughter did too…Love that it’s close to home! Please advise my closest establishment to purchase at plz! Oh, we love your gin as well, I think it’ll be a hit!

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