Adam Corolla’s Mangria: College in a Bottle?

Adam Corolla’s Mangria is 20.9% alcohol. DO.NOT.GIVE.IT.TO.GRANDMA for a bedtime sip. Even Mogan David’s 20/20 Red Grape has been lowered to 18% ABV. (…bottled in Napa. Think Napa grapes are in the bottle? Nah. I don’t either):

Adam Corolla's Mangria

Adam Corolla’s Mangria

Here it is straight from Carolla’s Mangria website:

Combining red wine and the smooth sweet flavors and aromas of plum, cherry, blackberry, orange and citrus, Mangria tastes delicious and is great for any occasion from appetizers, to backyard barbeques, to midnight cocktails.

Adam_Corolla_5“As a nightly consumer of red wine, I was shocked one evening to find I had just half a glass left in the bottle. So I did what any decent alcoholic, ex-con, American would do… I went to the fridge and the liquor cabinet, then poured, mixed and measured. Thus Mangria was born,” said Adam Carolla.  With 20.9% alcohol by volume Mangria has the real kick anyone needs in their drink but without the extra calories. Mangria has around 130 calories per serving which is half the calories of a microbrew.

For only $19.95 a bottle, Mangria makes the perfect wine-spirit gift and is also available by the keg for restaurants, clubs, and bars. Mangria is made by California Shiners in Napa Valley, Ca.   Since this is an alcoholic beverage, we are unable to ship to Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvannia, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Hawaii.

We are also unable to ship to a Foreign country or an Armed Forces APO box.  We are all working diligently on getting the product into distribution as well as exported to those countries that are begging for it.

So we have to have a review and here’s one from Esquire’s Matthew Kitchen:

I recently sat down to enjoy a glass alone, without shame, at my home in Brooklyn, while listening to Carolla talk to Christopher Titus about cars on his podcast.

At first whiff, Mangria smells like that sticky red punch that paints the corners of a child’s mouth a birthday party. To be honest, the taste isn’t much more masculine. Apparently the “Man” part comes from the alcohol content, which tops out at 20.9 percent, or about eight percent above what you get from your standard wine bottle.

Mangria calls itself a wine that boasts “aromas of plum, cherry, blackberry, orange, and citrus.” But it’s fooling absolutely no one. This is a stiff drink that goes down easy because it doesn’t taste much like alcohol. And therein lies the problem: It isn’t so much a way to unwind after work as it is the fastest road I’ve found to forgetting I have adult responsibilities. Fans sometimes refer to it as “college in a bottle.”

Click the Esquire link above to read Kitchen’s concluding paragraph. The Examiner suggests you drink Mangria over ice.

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