Moonshine and Cherries: A Party in a Jar

If you’ve checked my “Moonshine” tab under my banner, you know I’m interested in the rise of “legal Moonshine” and was fascinated to read at one distillery that Moonshine is not technically a whiskey because there are no restrictions (legal requirements) on how it is distilled. During the holidays, I found an article on cherries packed in Ole Smoky Moonshine. I was working on this site and filed it away. Yes, it’s all about the Christmas holidays, but still interesting, and I bet you didn’t know that Moonshine Cherries are an Appalachian party tradition.

Ole Smoky Moonshine

Ole Smoky Moonshine

From the article in a September 2012 AmericanWay publication:

Cherry Picking

Kick off the holiday season — and keep your spirits warm on chilly winter nights — with a cheerful concoction using merry moonshine. You read that right, we said moonshine. After decades spent brewing in back rooms and distilling as far from the law as possible, Ole Smoky Distillery proudly offers the first federally licensed distilled product in the history of East Tennessee and one of the tastiest (and most festive) embellishments we’ve heard of for your holiday cocktail — Moonshine Cherries.

An Appalachian party tradition, these maraschino cherries come freshly packed in a 750ml mason jar, where they’ve soaked for at least three days in 100-proof Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine.

The intoxicating treats are great eaten straight from the jar, as garnish on desserts or tossed into a mixed drink. But the best part is that once the fruit has disappeared, there’s still enough cherry moonshine left to make the ultimate Appalachian holiday libation.

From the distillery:

Each jar is hand-filled with fresh maraschino cherries soaked in Ole Smoky’s ® 100 proof moonshine. Each cherry says a sweet hello followed by a warm goodbye. Once the cherries have disappeared, enjoy the remaining Cherry Moonshine straight up or create the ultimate Cherry Coke or Shirley Temple. Pick up a jar of Ole Smoky’s Moonshine Cherries ™ on your way to any party or simply keep them all to yourself. Good day? Have a cherry. Bad day? Have a cherry.

Ole Smokey Distilleries has other flavored Moonshines, but in the case of Moonshine Cherries, the product is the Cherries. In the video you’ll see the reviewer say the cherries are crisp and fresh, but cautions that first eat/use the cherries as garnish or whatever, then drink the moonshine. “It’s the cherries, not the juice.” It’s only February, and nights are still in many places, so…

Seth’s Guide to Ole Smoky’s Tennessee Moonshine Cherries (video)

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